About Us

La Bella Shop is a woman-owned small business based in Northern Virginia. Founded in 2020 by the headband-obsessed software engineer Laura Avakian, La Bella prioritizes comfort, style, quality, and ease. 

To put it simply: we make pretty things. Our accessories are designed to effortlessly amplify style and beauty from the moment you put them on. Handsewn embellishments such as classic pearls, glittering gems, natural stones, and more (kitty confetti, anyone?). Buttery soft velvets and brightly colored canvas. Wide, comfortable headbands that look and feel good all day long. Yes, really. We make the most comfortable and stylish headbands ever!

La Bella is named after Laura's Siamese cat, Bella, and inconspicuously contains her initials (LA).

No matter the occasion, no matter the outfit, no matter how late you’re running for your morning meeting, we’ve got you covered.