a note from laura


In my perfect, fairytale world, I believe that everyone deserves a crown. And a frilly dress. And also a couple of cats (or dogs).

But most importantly, I believe in being a champion for my customer’s experience, because no one should have to feel like they need to fight to get the quality and experience they deserve.

Hi, I’m Laura! Headband lover & Software Engineer turned Headband Creator and Accessory Extraordinaire


I founded La Bella off of two principles. First, I wanted more luxurious, comfortable and financially-accessible headbands. Secondly, I wanted to create a way for women to feel like their most beautiful, chic and stylish selves, without having to spend hours getting ready every morning.

After years of searching high and low for headbands that were as comfortable and cute as they were affordable, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. Thus, La Bella was born! 

As the Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Director, Designer, Buyer and Cat Wrangler for La Bella, I personally design each and every accessory from start to finish. I’m the person you’re speaking to behind the scenes when you email or direct message us with a question. I take care of quality assurance and control, managing partnerships with our overseas manufacturer, content creation for social media, and of course, order fulfillment. 

It’s a lot, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just have a perpetual excuse to indulge in extra Starbucks 💁‍♀️✨

I’ll stop blabbering now! But before I go, I’ll leave you with this: you’re beautiful, and you deserve to feel as good as you look. So, place your favorite crown on your head and wear it proudly. You deserve it!


Be extra,
Laura (and her cats)